Photographer Sheryl Sonnenberg standing in water focusing camera and long lens

What's next?

We talk!

During the planning stage of your photoshoot I will get to know your pets and we will talk about your expectations, and the types of products that you may be interested in. Once you decide that we are a good fit we can move forward and get you scheduled! You'll receive a welcome package with all of the details. Approximately two weeks after our shoot we will get together for the reveal where your images come to life!

Every relationship is different and with that in mind, together we will create a photoshoot that you and your pet can get excited about! If you are looking to purchase just the digital images, I'm probably not the girl for you. There are many steps between the moment that I capture the image to receiving the final ready to display products and the only way that I can be assured that my artwork looks exactly as it should, is for me to use print labs that I have a professional relationship with. Digital images can still be purchased but they are a premium product and are priced accordingly.

Ready to get one step closer to capturing your moment?

Wonder how your images will look?


Part of our attention to detail during the ordering 

process is to make sure that you know exactly how your

 piece of art will look in its place of honor.


With a simple photograph of your wall we can

 add the artwork in your chosen size so that

 you can be assured that you've made the right choices!