Brindle Pitbull looking into the camera

Do you photograph animals other than dogs?


I don't see the session package I'm looking for. Can I design one?

Yes, if you don't see a good fit we can certainly customize one for you.

My dog is not trained and needs to be on a leash, can you work with that?

Yes, safety first! Removal of collars and leashes can always be addressed in the editing phase.

Can you photograph my family too?

Depending on what you're looking for I may be able to accommodate this. If not, I will be happy to recommend a photographer. 

What if the weather's bad?

We can reschedule if necessary but I do have a great deal of experience shooting under adverse conditions. Often those days yield the most extraordinary shots!

Still have questions?

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Sheryl Sonnenberg

(954) 494-0678