bernese mountain dog, puppy, in the snow

Relationship Inspired Pet Photography

Environmental Portraiture

The moment...

Sheryl Sonnenberg, standing in water, Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho,  Staffordshire Bull Terrier swimming

How Did This Nature Loving Girl

 end up in a sweltering portrait studio wearing a long black dress , perched on a faux Greek column, with a 200 pound Mastiff at her feet?

She didn't know that there were options!

woman hugging and kissing old rescue dog in autumn with fall leaves

Relationship Inspired Photography

Fast forward 25 years and that photograph continues to motivate me to capture the moments that count. The real ones that are inspired by the relationships that we have with our pets, how they look at us, and the places that we go with them.

black and white image of old golden retriever dog and man's hand

I'm A Pet Photographer and I Believe . . .

in capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I specialize in creating one of a kind, timeless art pieces that celebrate our lives with pets. I use traditional print methods as well as offering photographic encaustic presentation for a truly one of a kind look. I'm based in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, Canada with occasional scheduled shoots in Northern Idaho, USA.

Session Planning

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Happy Clients

I Got Adopted

Headshot of a fawn Chihuahua dog

"I wasn't getting adopted so we decided that I needed better pictures that showed what a good dog I was. Guess what? I got adopted!"

The Power of Photography

Fawn pitbull looking into a drive up coffee window

"Photographs are very powerful! When my parents divorced, my Dad didn't know that my brother and I got dropped off at a shelter far from home. Because we were such good dogs we were asked to be models for a fundraiser. My Dad was shocked to see this photo, and called the shelter right away. This one photo brought us home again!"

Top Model

Bulldog with a snaggle tooth

"I was worried that I was too short to be a model but today I got to go for a long walk and wear great gear furnished by EZYDOG! It made me smile from ear to ear!"

headshot of a black and tan bloodhound

Got a model dog?

Let's put him to work!


brown and white shelter dog looking through chain link fence

It's important to me...

that I make time to photography animals that need a little extra exposure to aid them in finding homes. If you are a shelter or rescue in need of some photographic services, please contact me with your info.

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